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The true capitalism simulator. Every item in this game is created by another player. Every piece of land is owned by another player. You can build the empire of your dreams. You can be who you want, do what you want, build what you want, and say what you want. Osirus is a truly open ended sandbox game. If the game is missing something you want, just create it. There are no skills to level. Just like real life, your skill in Osirus depends on nothing but you. Just remember that if you're not getting better, someone else is.

Osirus MMO 

Real money coming soon? 

If the community supports it, we have added the functionality to buy and sell items with real money, therefore making money off of your content. We need a player-base first before we will consider enabling this functionality. We also need your feedback on if you want this feature. You would link a payment account, and $1 ingame dollar would translate to $.01 cent USD. Each time you bought an item or piece of land your real money account would be charged. Likewise if you sold an item, you would be credited. This would be an optional system and the game would be free to play, but it would fund the server costs associated with hosting the game.

Please see the article "Why real money economy?" for a better explanation.


Again, we want your feedback on the real economy features. Please leave your feedback on the forums, or send a message to one of the in-game GMs if you have any feedback you'd like us to hear.


 In Osirus, you can buy, sell, and rent land out to and from other players. When you (or rather your estate) is in control of a piece of land, you can do or create anything. In real time you can build and create anything you can think of, and then share or sell your items to other players. All items, buildings, quests, and content in Osirus come from the users and players of the game itself. There are no goals or objectives other than those that you set. 


Freedom! Explore, create, and build.

Each time a new player is created, a new piece of land is added to the game world, under the control of the new player. This means the game gets bigger and there is more to explore, as the audience gets bigger. Players are free to configure their land/build anything they would like, or sell their property to other players. 


Note:Osirus is based off of the Second Life/Open Simulator style of gameplay, with more features included/removed placed to emphasize building, creativity, economy, marketing, and business. Currently we are in an open-beta stress testing our servers. Please feel free to join us and provide feedback, but note at this time, everything is subject to change. Purchases made of in-game currency will hold true after server resets, as will any content on land you own, but public lands may change at any time.